15th Annual Teddy Bear Check-Up

Event Location
The Health Museum

9:00am - Noon

For Sponsorship details, please contact Kathryn Straw at kstraw@thehealthmuseum.org
or phone: 713-337-8441

Bring a treasured toy through a physical check-up while engaging with educators and medical students at Teddy Bear Stations highlighting healthy habits. The Museum’s halls will be decked out with Christmas Trees while children of all ages enjoy holiday characters from the Houston Ballet and music from the Houston Youth Symphony.

VIP Ticket holders and Sponsors receive a teddy bear and will enjoy breakfast, face painting, balloon artists, festive arts and crafts, and visits with Santa.General Admission ticket holders are welcome to visit the Teddy Bear stations with their favorite teddy bear from home.

Each guest receives a patient chart that allows them to engage with the various Teddy Bear stations.

Bear Basics: A nurse will start the intake process, filling out forms with information such as height, weight, ear, eyes, nose, pulse, blood pressure, and will listen to the bear’s chest. The child can help gather this information, and in some cases, gather their own vital signs by listening to their own heart and feeling their own pulse. The nurse will also give the bear a “shot” and discuss immunization.

Tough Teeth: Using a model, a dentist will demonstrate proper tooth care and how to floss correctly, as well as talk about losing teeth and getting your adult set!

Squeaky Clean: A doctor will give the bear an examination and discuss how the bear/patient can keep themselves clean and groomed (washing hands, using soap, and how germs move around). A glow germ activity will happen here.

Seeing is Believing: Four eyes are better than two! Check out both your eyes and your bear’s eyes.

Teddy Bear Exam Room: Visitors can use real and toy doctor’s equipment in this free play environment. With staff supervision, the visitor can give their bear (or themselves!) a wound dressing.

Beary Delicious: Find out about portion size and how to make the best food choices. Make a yummy, healthy snack and take home the recipe!

Beary Fit: Teach your bear yoga stretching techniques with a wellness instructor.

Anyone wishing to attend this special event must purchase a ticket. No Member discount is available for Teddy Bear Check-Up