Home School Series : Wonders of the Human Body


Wonders of the Human Body Series are immersive journeys inside your own body. Each month discover different body systems such as The Immune System, The Cardiovascular System, The Ocular System, The Nervous System, The Musculoskeletal System, The Digestive System, the Respiratory System, and more.

Each series is made up of 4 classes exploring fun and interactive ways of the different aspects of one body system; how it works, what happens when your sick, and how to stay healthy. All classes are age-level appropriate and bilingual by request.


You have two options for registration: (1) Register for one or more classes independently or register for the entire series.


  • $50 for series of 4 classes
  • $15 per class

Date/Class Times:

January -May 2020

  • PK-2nd Grade: Mondays, 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm
  • 3rd - 7th Grade: Tuesdays 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm

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What is immunity? The immune system is our defense against foreign invaders. Every day we encounter tiny microorganisms that can help or hurt us. How does our body recognize who is a friend and who is a foe? How do germs contaminate our bodies? Let's Get Defensive!

  • Class 1: Components, functions, and types of immune system cells and tissues.
  • Class 2: Diseases and Disorders of the immune system
  • Class 3: Prevention & Wellness. Build up our army resistance
  • Class 4: Germs and Bacteria. How clean should we be?



Did you know that your heart is about the size of your fist and beats many millions of times in your life? Or that your heart continues to grow and strengthen even after the rest of your body has finished growing? In this series, find out why your heart is an amazing muscle!

  • Class 1; The Heart and how it works
  • Class 2: The beat goes on
  • Class 3: Matters of the Heart
  • Class 4: Pump It Up!



Dear eyes, dear eyes, what do you see? Come see and explore the colorful complexity of the most highly developed sense. The EYEmazing ocular system!

  • Class 1: Structure and Function of the human eye
  • Class 2: Disease and Dysfunction of the human eye
  • Class 3: Prevention and Wellness
  • Class 4: Seeing is believing!



Let’s take a journey into the most mysterious part of the human body! It's going to be a fast one, so be prepared. Where are we going? Let’s start at your head and end up at your toes. It may not seem like a long trip, but it is going to be fast. It may be the shortest and fastest trip of your life. Are you ready?

  • Class 1: Basic units of the nervous system
  • Class 2: Passing along the message
  • Class 3: How to keep your nervous system healthy
  • Class 4: Review and brain dissection demo



Did you know that all of our muscles make of the muscular system, and that there are over 650 muscles in the human body? come and explore the complexity and simplicity of the musculoskeletal system and all the incredible facts of your muscles and bones!

  • Class 1: Dem Bones & Muscles
  • Class 2: The Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Class 3: Disease and Dysfunction of the muscular system
  • Class 4: A-tendon to the Body!


PK - 2nd Grade: REGISTER NOW

3rd - 7th Grade: REGISTER NOW

Questions or for more information, please contact Gonzalo Pérez at: homeshcool@thehealthmuseum.org or 713-521-1515 ext: 239