Girl Scout Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Programs


Classes are open to all scouts, regardless of council affiliation. Private classes may be scheduled directly through the Museum.


Girl Scout Private Classes are available upon request. A minimum of 10 scouts is required for a class. The maximum number allowed per class is 35 scouts. To request a Girl Scout Private class, contact

Girl Scout Cadette Classes

  • First Aid 
  • New Cuisines

First Aid

Find out how to deal with minor injuries and illnesses and how to tell when the problem is more serious in this badge.

Eating for Beauty

 In this badge, find out how to eat to keep your skin glowing, your mind focused, and your energy flowing.

Girl Scout Senior Classes 

  • Women's Health
  • Locavore 
  • First Aid

Women's Health

 Identify health topics facing women in your community and across the globe, explore those that matter most to you, and—in the last step—reach out and raise awareness to spread good health to the women in your world. 


The efforts of locavores can be important—and delicious—steps toward healthful eating, helping the environment, and supporting local farmers

First Aid

In this badge, find out how to differentiate between minor and major injuries, provide emergency treatment in some life-threatening situations, and share important information about injuries or illness.

Girl Scout Ambassador Classes

  • Dinner Party 
  • First Aid

Dinner Party

For this badge, try on a chef’s apron as you throw a great dinner party, bring people together, and practice creating course after course with finesse and flair.

First Aid

In this badge, you’ll learn skills that define the Girl Scout motto. You’ll be prepared to handle any outdoor situation, from treating a mosquito bite to saving a life.  

Girl Scout Interest Project Award Classes - Private Scout Classes

  • Private classes are available (space-permitting) for groups of 10 or more scouts.
  • Private classes are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Customized class requests will be considered when submitted at least 30 days prior to the scheduled class. Customized classes are subject to an additional charge.
  • Badges are not included in the pricing of the class.

How do I schedule a private class?

  1. Contact the Scouts Office to find out at if your preferred dates are available.

Questions or comments?

Contact the scouts office at or (713) 521-1515 ext. 159.