Bob Bright

Job Title

Having received his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance from California State University Fullerton Mr. Bright has 19 years experience running the Accounting Department of one of the two California Presidential Library and Museums. As the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Presidential Library and Museum during the 19 years of financial leadership and guidance Mr. Bright was instrumental in tripling the endowment fund from $11 Million to $44 Million, achieved the highest marks from outside rating agencies Guidestar and Charity Navigator for outstanding financial integrity, accountability, and transparency, achieved high marks from outside auditors with no findings ever, hit annual budget projections year after year, timely filed all tax returns, and facilitated in years of sustained profitability combined with strong cash management and a competitive employee benefits resulted in high employee retention and engagement.

Mr. Bright looks forward to using his experience at the Health Museum.

Mr. Bright is married to the love of his life, Taffy for 15 years. They share three wonderful children, Bella, Josie, and Novey. The family has only been in Houston since 2018 and enjoy the stark contrast in weather from Seattle to Houston. They attend church at Faith Family Fellowship in their hometown of Alvin Texas which coincidentally is also the hometown of Nolan Ryan.