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Humanae, Work in Progress

Now - September 5, 2017


Humanae at The Health Museum is a "work in progress" by the Brazilian artist Angélica Dass and challenges visitors to rethink how they see race and think about skin color through a chromatic inventory of the different human skin tones that label human subjects with their corresponding color in the industrial palette, Pantone.  This marks the first time this exhibition has been seen in the Southwest.



"The idea is to change how people judge one another. The words we use to describe each other — black, red, yellow, white — these are so untrue. Let’s destroy this with an exhibit that shows that the true color of people is our humanity. Our oneness." — Angélica Dass, Brazilian artist and curator of Humanae


Angélica Dass


250 portraits are featured from the ongoing collection of 3,500 images taken in 26 cities and in 17 different countries: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Getxo, Bilbao and Valencia (Spain), Paris (France), Bergen (Norway), Winterthur (Switzerland), Groningen and The Hague (Holland), Dublin (Ireland), Tyumen (Russia), Gibellina and Vita (Italy), Vancouver (Canada), Ohio, Pittsburgh and Chicago (USA), Quito (Ecuador), Valparaiso (Chile), Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Cordoba (Argentina), New Delhi (India), Daegu (South Korea) and Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).


Those who posed for this exhibit are volunteers who have known the project and who have decided to participate. There is no previous selection of participants and there are no classifications relating to nationality, gender, age, race, social class or religion.


To identify the corresponding Pantone color for each participant a sample of 11 x 11 pixels is taken from the face of the photographed.


Angélica Dass is a Brazilian artist living and working in Madrid. She has been internationally acclaimed through her pivotal project, Humanæ which is a collection of portrait photos of people revealing the true beauty of human color. The project has been showcased in numerous exhibitions and talks across the continents, and through the TED Global in Vancouver in 2016, her issues and philosophies of the project have reached to the extended numbers of audiences around the world. Dass holds BA in Fine Arts at UFRJ, Brazil and MA in Photography at EFTI, Spain. In 2014 she was selected for Time Magazine as one of the Nine Brazilian Photographers You Need to Follow.


Access to Humanae is included with the price of general admission at The Health Museum.

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What people are saying

Museum camps enabled my grandchild to learn many facts about the brain and have a hands-on experience. She also made new friends. A good way to start summer vacation.

D. Henson

My son learned about DNA, bodily functions and fingerprints. These are all items than he has not fully learned in school.


A different perspective was introduced to my students during their time at the museum. The focus on Heath care professions gives them an idea on what is out there in real world as a future professional option.

J. Yosyula

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