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The Health Museum offers immersive experiences with exciting exhibits and fun interactive activities as well as stimulating Discovery Lab add-ons that will make your field trip memorable and unique!

Field Trip Pricing

General Admission


Complimentary Chaperone


Additional Chaperone


Add-On Programs

starting at $6 per program

Add an Amazing Body Store Souvenir Bag


General Admission for students from a Title 1 School is $5.

The Amazing Body Store Souvenir Bag includes the following items: Syringe pen, Color-changing pencil, Nose pencil sharpener, and a Brain-teaser puzzle

Title 1 schools will need to provide LEA ID and campus # on the reservation form.

All prices are per person. Please note that the museum requires a ratio of 1 chaperone per every 6 students. These chaperones will be admitted free of charge along with one lead chaperone/teacher. Additional chaperones pay the reduced adult rate ($8).

Let's plan your visit...

For the safety of guests and staff, the Museum will be enforcing guidelines for masks, social distancing, and room capacities. Minimum and maximum capacities for add-on program options can be found below. Whatever your group size, we’re happy to work with you to create a safe experience that meets your learning objectives, schedule and budget.

Your field trip includes access to all of our permanent and special exhibits.

Amazing Body Gallery

Permanent Exhibit

Explore the science of health and the human body with interactive kiosks and larger-than-life models of human organs including a giant beating heart! A great way for students to learn about body

Brain Teasers

Permanent Exhibit

It’s time to flex some mental muscle! This guest-favorite features a collection of hands-on puzzles designed to develop problem-solving skills while providing plenty of fun. Featuring a wide array of challenges - from mathematical conundrums to mind-boggling block puzzles - this exhibition challenges you to use creative thinking and problem-solving strategies such as looking for patterns, thinking ahead, setting aside preconceived ideas, and looking at problems from different perspectives.

Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds: Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage explores the successes of those who think and thought outside the box when faced with the challenges of dyslexia and learn about some of the tools and resources for diagnosis and pathways to success. A unique portion of the exhibit also reflects each community that it travels to, by featuring local students and artists.

OUTBREAK: Epidemics in a Connected World

Why do infectious diseases emerge where they do? What makes them spread so quickly? Where do we look for the next one? Our planet is connected more than ever before: by global travel, trade, technology - and as the current COVID-19 pandemic has shown us - even our viruses. Explore the connections between human, animal, environmental health and outbreaks; see how epidemic-fighters around the globe predict, track and fight epidemics; learn about past outbreaks that have affected the Greater Houston Area; and engage in games that challenge you to identify and contain an outbreak. This is a great opportunity to provide a context for understanding the current pandemic.

OUTBREAK: Epidemics in a Connected World was created by the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

McGovern Theater

Permanent Exhibit

Take a break in our McGovern Theater to learn more about your health and body.

You can choose from an exciting selection of interactive experiences that allow students to take a deeper dive into health and medical science. These programs are aligned to state and national standards and integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) content.

Programs must be booked at least 20 business days in advance. After that period, all activities are subject to availability.

Live Dissection Demos

Create a memorable experience for your students by including a live dissection of a cow eye or a sheep heart performed by one of the Museum science educators.

Available for all grade levels.


$50 per session


up to 20 students per session


40 minutes

DeBakey Cell Lab

Travel through lab stations that get you up close and personal with cellular biology. Students participate in 2 experiments. For more information about the DeBakey Cell Lab experience, click here.

Available to Grades 2 and up


$50 per session


up to eight (8) students and two (2) chaperones per session


60 minutes

DIY Labs: Dissect it Yourself

Gain an appreciation for the structure and function of major body organ systems with our hands-on dissection program. In order to maintain appropriate social distancing in the learning center, each student will work with their own specimen.

Available to Grades PK and up


$6-12 per student, 10-student minimum


up to 20 students and three (3) chaperones per session


45 – 60 minutes

Choose your dissection:

DIY Owl Pellet

PK – 3rd Grade ($6 per student)

DIY Cow Eye Dissection

3rd-12th Grade ($8 per student)

DIY Sheep Heart

6th-12th Grade ($12 per student)

Amazing Body Lab

Take a sneak peek inside the human body when you explore SynDaver, a medical simulator that has been featured on MythBusters and Grey’s Anatomy. Not only will anatomy come alive, but students will try their hand at real surgical skills as they scrub up and practice stitching and suturing. This lab includes a sheep heart dissection demonstration. Bring a steady hand and an excitement for learning!

Available to Grades 6 and up


$12 per student, 10-student minimum


up to 20 students and three (3) chaperones per session


75 minutes

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