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Living Icons and The Tree of Life

Living Icons is a photo exhibit that features hundreds of Houston-area COVID-19 victims. Created by artist Joni Zavitsanos, the art installation memorializes those who have died as a result of the pandemic and gives us a glimpse of the human impact of this health crisis.

Living Icons connects us with the real people behind the pandemic numbers reported every day. Through the exhibit we learn more about who they are, and who we have lost as a community. It gives all of us an opportunity to join in honoring the victims and their families.

Living Icons is displayed alongside the popular exhibit, Outbreak: Epidemics in a Connected World, which uncovers answers to these common questions regarding the risks and potential rapid spread of pandemic outbreaks.

Tree of Life COVID Memorial Art Sculpture

Living Icons and the Tree of Life is a photo-based exhibition that gives us a glimpse into the human impact of the COVID-19 health crisis. The tree of life sculpture at the center of the installation represents our interconnectedness across time and space. Its resin leaves are inscribed with the names of those we’ve lost. You can request to add the name of a friend or family member’s name to the Tree of Life with this form.

Tree of Life COVID Memorial Community Tree Planting

The Greater Houston Community has lost over 8,000 people to COVID-19. The Health Museum and Trees for Houston have partnered on a community tree planting campaign to honor the memory of all those we’ve lost in our community. Through this effort we can honor the memory of those who are no longer here and create a healthier community for all.

What type of trees are being given out?

A variety of native tree species will be available. The trees are seedlings that are approximately 1-2’ tall, but depending on the type of tree, can grow quite large. It is important to choose a tree that is appropriately sized and suited for the space where you plant it.

How do I plant and care for a tree?

For information about planting and caring for your tree, visit Trees for Houston’s website.

How do I reserve a tree?

It is not necessary to reserve a tree in advance. However, if you are with an organization that would like to request more than 20 trees, advance notice is appreciated. You can contact us at info@thehealthmuseum.org to schedule a pick-up date and time.

When can I pick up my tree?

Our first tree distribution will take place at the City of Houston’s El Día de los Muertos event Saturday, November 6 (1pm-6pm). Throughout the month of November, trees can be picked up during museum hours.

Click here for information about museum hours and directions to the museum.

Please share your photos of your tree with us! #thehealthmuseum #htxtreeoflife

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