Parent's, Let's Talk Mental Health! with Menninger

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It’s no secret that children and adolescents who do not get enough sleep are at greater risk of behavior and health problems like diabetes, obesity, injuries and poor mental health. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than half of children ages 6-17 get less than the recommended 8-9 hours of sleep nightly.

When parents recognize their child’s sleep needs, they can take steps to provide them with a better night’s sleep. Dr. Mary Rose, staff psychologist with The Menninger Clinic’s Sleep Medicine Service, will provide tips on how parents can improve sleep for young children and adolescents. She’ll share information on the importance of sleep, its benefits for physical, cognitive, and academic performance, parents’ role in creating an environment with a viable sleep schedule, and screening for sleep disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia. The Menninger Clinic, a nationally recognized mental health leader in Houston, joins The Health Museum to offer parents and caregivers helpful mental health information through a free, virtual bi-monthly series, 12pm - 1pm.

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Mary Rose, PsyD, DBSM, CBSM - The Menninger Clinic


Becky Seabrook, Senior Director, Guest Engagement - The Health Museum