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Health Adventure

Pre K - 2nd Grade
45 Minutes
Mileage fee of $0.60/mile (based on round trip)
Choose one of the following for $200, $100 for each additional class

  • Down to Earth: explore cycles and changes in the natural world
  • Healthy Habits: learn about the roles physical fitness and nutrition play in maintaining a healthy heart and body
  • Squeaky Clean: find out how to develop routines that promote good health and hygiene
  • Busy Bodies: explore your anatomy and see how your body stays busy inside and out 

Note: There is a two class minimum and a maximum of 30 students per class for this program.

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Hands-on Health Discovery Tables

Elementary/Middle School
2 hours
Mileage fee of $0.60/mile (based on round trip)
$150 for first table, $100 for each additional table

Promotes one-on-one and small group learning experiences that are ideal for science nights, school or community fairs. Choose from the following themed tables:

  • Heart
  • Lung
  • Brain
  • Nutrition

Note: Tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis on weekdays after 2 p.m. and throughout the day on weekends. School/organization must provide a 6' or 8' table for each Discovery Table reserved.

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Outreach Dissection Labs

6th Grade and Up
45 minutes
Mileage fee of $0.60/mile (based on round trip)
$8 per student

Guided by a museum educator, students work in pairs to dissect a cow eye. This TEKS-based lab activity is a great way to address systems interactions, adaptations and lab safety. All supplies are provided by the museum.

Note: There is a 20 student minimum and a 30 student maximum for this program.

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