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Track Your Brain Health
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Test memory, attention and more.



Neurocognitive testing at your fingertips


The Health Museum is pleased to partner with BrainCheck to offer this free brain health check.

It is important to be aware of your brain health, especially while playing sports or as you age. Created by neuroscientists, BrainCheck’s scientifically validated assessments can help you monitor you and your family’s brain health throughout the year.
Our neurocognitive tests measure and track changes in cognitive health — like attention, memory, response time and visual processing — all in less than 10 minutes.
Take the tests and get your results on the spot. You’ll get to see how your scores compare with others in your age range.

The Benefits of BrainCheck

  • Fast, fun and easy to use

BrainCheck’s tests only take about 10 minutes and can be administered by anyone. No matter your age - teenagers, and adults -BrainCheck is easy to understand, and fun to use.

  • Built with neuroscience

BrainCheck’s library of neurocognitive tests are arranged into sets that measure specific aspects of brain performance, such as reaction time, attention, visual processing and memory. Using these quantitative measurements, researchers and clinicians gain powerful insight into what’s happening in the brain.

  • Mobile

Test results sync across all your devices, so you can take our tests as often as you want, from wherever you want. Share your results with your family or physician.


What is neurocognitive testing?

About BrainCheck

BrainCheck was developed at the Eagleman Neuroscience Laboratory at Baylor College of Medicine.
Recognized by the scientific community for his groundbreaking work on neurocognitive assessment, Dr. David Eagleman has authored over a hundred peer-reviewed articles and lectured at universities and hospitals nationwide.
He brings neuroscience to millions through his New York Times best-selling books and media appearances, including NPR, TED, The Colbert Report, and the PBS series “The Brain.”