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How does your skin tone affect you?

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Angélica Dass


Currently featured film: The beauty of human skin in every color

  • Run Time: 11 minutes 27 seconds


Angélica Dass's photography challenges how we think about skin color and ethnic identity. In this personal talk, hear about the inspiration behind her portrait project, Humanæ, and her pursuit to document humanity's true colors rather than the untrue white, red, black and yellow associated with race.


What People Are Saying

"I really loved this video. It shows how important beauty is, despite skin color diversity. The human being must appreciate the differences. Sometimes, we all have to undergo any kind of discrimination, either by our color skin, religion, nationality, height, financial situation, language, sickness, sexual orientation and so forth. But we are all the same. - A. Victoria, TED.com


"There is no place for discrimination on this world and we should work hard to achieve that. Any type of discrimination is ignorance. Very touching speech!" - M. Adamovic, TED.com


"Powerful, relevant and beautifully illustrated message. We are human first." - S. Trivedi, TED.com


"The idea is beautiful. It's really very refreshing, informative and more importantly 'touching' talk. Highly recommended to all." - Open School, YouTube


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Museum camps enabled my grandchild to learn many facts about the brain and have a hands-on experience. She also made new friends. A good way to start summer vacation.

D. Henson

My son learned about DNA, bodily functions and fingerprints. These are all items than he has not fully learned in school.


A different perspective was introduced to my students during their time at the museum. The focus on Heath care professions gives them an idea on what is out there in real world as a future professional option.

J. Yosyula

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Now - September 5
Making its debut in Houston, Humanae explores human identity and race through 250 portraits from around the world. Brazilian artist Angélica Dass challenges visitors to rethink how they see race and think about skin color through a chromatic inventory of the different human skin tones that label human subjects with their corresponding color in the industrial palette, Pantone.  On display now to September 5, 2017 at The Health Museum.


Now - September 11
DNA literally is the 'stuff of life' - it is the set of instructions for making everything from you to zebras, strawberries, and even yeast. Understanding what the language of DNA means will revolutionize your understanding of yourself, your health, and your connections to life on Earth.


Human Plus offers visitors a chance to explore and create a range of low- and high-tech tools that extend the abilities of the human body! Visitors can ride a mono-ski in a simulated ski race, control a DJ station using the wheels of a wheelchair, “feel” the music with a special touch panel, engineer solutions to unique design challenges and even discover how someone can control a neuroprosthetic limb with their thoughts!


DeBakey Cell Lab

You don’t need to be a scientist to enter, but you’ll feel like one when you leave! Gear up with a lab coat, gloves and goggles and travel through experiment stations in both English and Spanish.