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Body As a Work of Art

More Than Skin Deep


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step into someone else's body? Or what a disease looks like up close? What about how society and social media influence body image and beauty ideals?

The Body as a Work of Art: More than Skin Deep is an immersive, interactive educational experience that addresses current topics in medical science, healthcare and society.

You will uncover the hidden beauty of disease and get a look at what it is like to live with physical, genetic, behavioral and intellectual differences. You will be provided with tools for overcoming the unhealthy stereotypes of beauty in our society, and discover ways to redefine beauty from an individual perspective. 

And we hope you will leave the exhibit with a strong regard for the human body as a unique work of art. 

Exhibit highlights:


BODYSUITS by Sarah Sitkin

Sarah Sitkin is an artist from L.A. who creates bodysuits molded from a variety of actual people. The artwork challenges a human’s natural habit to judge and inspires the visitor to empathize with not only the body the cast was created from, but with their own bodies as well. Sarah asks visitors to step inside someone else’s skin and gain new insights into the topic of body image.


Hidden Beauty by Norman Barker

Even the deadliest diseases can possess a strange splendor under the microscope. Photographer Norman Barker collaborated with Dr. Iacobuzio-Donahue to create Hidden Beauty, an exhibition that delves into the aesthetics of medical science. Uncover the beauty of diseased cells while also unveiling stories of triumph.


Beautiful Affliction by Cherie Acosta

A collaboration with Johns Hopkins, "Beautiful Affliction" explores the hidden beauty of disease. Cherie Acosta used images of actual diseased cells to create a series of dresses which were then worn in an interpretive dance piece. In addition to displaying the dresses, The Health Museum will also be presenting the dance in a special evening event. This artwork highlights the importance of collaboration between fields, bringing together medical researchers, choreographers and costume designers.


The TMC Experience

This section of the exhibit will explore conceptions of beauty and body image over time, from a collection of historical artifacts from TMC Library’s John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center to a section on social media and its impact on personal image and self-esteem.


Reflections by Carole Feuerman

Sculptor Carole Feuerman uses conventional sculpting materials as well as unorthodox such as water, sound and video to create lifelike figures, as with this hyper-realistic sculpture beautifully highlighting the details of the female body.

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What people are saying

My son learned about DNA, bodily functions and fingerprints. These are all items than he has not fully learned in school.


My 8-year old son a positive experience, during a recent Health Museum visit. It was fun and he walked away with a curiosity about the human body and interest to learn more information.


Museum camps enabled my grandchild to learn many facts about the brain and have a hands-on experience. She also made new friends. A good way to start summer vacation.

D. Henson

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