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Attack of the Bloodsuckers
On display now - Jan. 4, 2015

YOU will quench your thirst! Discover the biological wonders of creatures that eat blood through encounters with live species and interactive exhibit stations.
This family-friendly exhibit examines the what, why, when and how of parasites that feed off blood including mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and leeches. We all need food to survive, and animals that eat blood are no different. In fact, most of them manage to leave their prey alive. Human blood is high-energy fuel for the animals who've adapted to eating it, with about 20 grams of protein in every drop! Everything from your foot odor to the chemicals in your breath makes you appetizing to these bloodthirsty beasts.

Attack of the Bloodsuckers provides helpful hints for avoiding these sometimes annoying creatures. Precautions like keeping your yard free of standing water or checking yourself carefully for ticks are your best defense from these bloodsucking creatures.

Attack of the Bloodsuckers is included in your general admission to The Health Museum. This exhibition was developed by the Environmental Exhibit Collaborative, with funding by Jane's Trust, the Cabot Family Charitable Trust and the Institute for Museum and Library Services. 

See live leech feedings on the following dates and times!

Saturday, Dec. 6 at Noon
Saturday, Dec. 13 at 11 a.m.
Saturday, Dec. 20 at Noon
Tuesday, Dec. 23 at  Noon
Tuesday, Dec. 30 at Noon

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