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Microbes: Invisible Invaders...Amazing Allies
Jan. 18 - May 4

Discover the mysterious world of
 organisms that sustain life and those that threaten our health and even our existence.

Learn how harmful microbes have affected history. See how the discovery of things like penicillin have helped to end mass viral breakouts. Discover how your body houses thousands of healthy microbes on you hair, skin and even mucous! All of this and much more can be seen in Microbes: Invisible Invaders...Amazing Allies on display January 18 thru May 4.

Microbes: Invisible Invaders...Amazing Allies is locally sponsored by PMB Helin Donovan.

Jan. 21 - May 4

Photographing every child with cancer until every child is cured. With over 50 chapters across the country, FLASHES of HOPE changes the way children see themselves through the gift of photography. Every image tells the story of childhood cancer; capturing moments of kindness, dignity and courage.

These traveling exhibits are included in your general admission ticket to The Health Museum.

Exhibit dates are subject to change.


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