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FAST - Food Allergy Safety and Tips

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The FAST cart brings you the tools for fast and effective responses to food allergies.

Did you ever wonder where do food allergies come from? What happens to our body when an allergic reaction takes place?

With the FAST cart learn all about allergic reaction but also how to prevent them and how react in case of emergency. For people suffering from food allergies, interactive videos will show you how to effectively use an epinephrine auto-injector and doctors and nurses from the Texas Children Hospital will give you tips on how to successfully read food labels and better navigate eating out.

The FAST Cart will be exhibit at the museum on Free Family Thursdays and at Levy Park on the following dates:

  • November 19, 2017
  • January 7, March 4, May 6, July 1, September 2, November 4, 2018


Developed through a collaboration with H-E-B, The Health Museum, Texas Children’s Hospital, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, and Texas Southern University, the Mobile Food Allergy Awareness Cart hopes to empower Houstonians with a greater awareness and understanding of food allergies. 

The mobile cart includes educational tools, activities and videos developed by the Texas Children’s Food Allergy Program team and features food allergy experts and patient families from the hospital.